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Wants to make millions from online in Boston?

In response to declining sales among digitally savvy young adults, the Massachusetts State Lottery is calling on lawmakers to open a new gambling frontier — lottery games offered around the clock on mobile devices and computers.

“The only way to reach the younger market is via online lottery games,” said state Treasurer Deb Goldberg, who oversees the Lottery Commission. “It’s the future and we need to face it.”

Goldberg said the state lottery has studied online games and is now seeking legislative approval of a pilot program that would require players to register online and use a credit card.

The ease of playing a digital lottery, either through a website or mobile application, raises concerns about compulsive gambling, and officials are studying potential safeguards, such as requiring players to set daily, weekly, and monthly spending caps.

When players hit their limit, they would be barred from further purchases, said Michael Sweeney, the lottery’s executive director. They could not raise their limits until a “cooling off” period of several days, he said.


Author:  Sean P. Murphy