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Is The State Of Indiana Profitable For The Entrepreneurs?

As part of our yearlong project “The State of Small Business,” Business News Daily plans to report on the small business environment in every state in America. In this installment, we asked a few of Indiana’s 500,000 small business owners about the challenges and opportunities of operating in their state. Here’s what they had to say.

Indiana is a state where entrepreneurs see promising developments. As the economy of Indiana transitions from an industrial and agricultural hub to more modern, tech-driven industries, entrepreneurs are finding new opportunities. With a strikingly low cost of living, a deep labor market filled with technically skilled workers, and a stable, growing economy, small business owners in Indiana are optimistic.

However, there are a few obstacles for the entrepreneurial Hoosier to overcome. The first and foremost is accessing capital, which tends to remain most heavily concentrated on the coasts and in big cities. The other major challenge is Indiana’s isolation from the largest markets in the U.S. Still, small business owners throughout the state say things are looking up and Indiana is poised for a prosperous future.


Author: By Adam C. Uzialko
Source:  http://www.businessnewsdaily.com/9254-doing-business-in-indiana.html